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Health : doctor, general practicioner, company works doctor, sports doctor, intern doctor, hospital, clinic, clinical research, therapy, regulatory affairs, health executive, residential care home for the elderly, medico-social, handicap, working as a junior doctor...

Medical specialities : alcohologist, algologist, allergist, anatomopathologist, andrologist, anaesthetist, angiologist, cancerologist, cardiologist, cytopathologist, dentist, dermatologist, diabetologist, endocrinologist, epidemiologist, gastroenterologist, geneticist, geriatrician, gerontologist, gynaecologist, haematologist, hepatologist, homeopath, immunologist, nephrologist, neurologist, obstetrician, oncologist, ophtalmologist, ent, orthopaedist, osteopath, parasitologist, paediatrician, phlebologist, pneumologist, radiotherapist, resuscitator, rheumatologist, palliative care, stomatologist, toxicologist, urologist, venereologist, virologist...

A&E : emergency doctor, first-aider, ambulance driver, stretcher bearer...

Surgery : surgeon, heart surgery, neurosurgeon , digestive surgery, endoscopic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, paediatric surgery, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, visceral surgery...

Biotech / Chemistry / pharmaceutic : biotechnology, cosmetics, formulator, chemistry, perfumery, pharmaceutic, phytosanitary, medical-technical, biochemistry, biochemist, biology, biologist, biomathematician, biomedical, biomechanics, exobiologist, medical analysis, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, drug monitoring, laboratory assistant, laboratory, laboratory technician, pharmaceutical specialist, medical imaging, radiologist, echographer, radiology technician, radiation protection...

Psychology : psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychomotor therapist...

Treatments : nurse, male nurse, State-certified operating room nurses, anaesthetist nurse, psychiatric nurse, bandaging nurse, nursing auxiliary, hospital treatment assistant, midwife...

Paramedical : acupuncturist, art-therapist, hearing aid specialist, dietician, dietetics, occupational therapist, inhalotherapist, physiotherapist, music therapist, nutritionist, orthodontist, speech therapist, orthoptist, chiropodist, podiatrist, prosthetic technician, dental prosthetist, thalassotherapy, childcare nurse, humanitarian, parapharmaceutical...

Assistants / Medical aid : medical secretary, dental assistant, nursery assistant, medical assistant, hospital worker, personal carer, home helper, laundry supervisor...

Mutli-skilled employee : janitor, hotel business, catering, logistics, social issues, switchboard operator, central services, security, firefighters...