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Our services are dedicated to offerers and seekers.

They allow companies, institutions and associations to cover all their needs in term of recruitment of jobs seekers, interns and freelances with subscriptions from 1 to 12 months.

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enligne-us.com allows you to register for free online as an leaders and to be alerted by email of internships offers leaders reaching us and to apply to offers.

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All professions at posts in leaders has a dedicated website that allows jobs, assignments and internships offerers and job seekers, freelance consultants and interns to find what they are looking for

Directors / Leaders : chief executive officer, manager, manager, transition leader, managing director, assistant director, deputy director, assistant managing director, secretary general, office director, director of corporate affairs, office manager, head, executive, executive leader, senior executive, Financial and administrative director, artistic director, sales manager, bank manager, creative director, communication director, store director, production director, quality director, factory director, Financial director, industrial director, operations manager, chief operating director, technical director, supplies director, casting director, profit center director, collection director, division director, subsidiary company director, gallery director, training director, director fo photography, international director, organization director, store director, restaurant director, director of studies, site director, human-ressources director, risk director, services director, construction director, establishment director, hotel director, key account director, methods director, research and development director , after sales service director, scientific director, strategy director...

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Directors / Leaders

executive leaders
managing directors
informations systems directors
informatic directors
IT Organisation Manager
project directors
chief executives officers
senior executives
Administrative and financial director
sales manager
managing director
assistant directors
administrative directors
director of corporate affairs
supplies directors
artistic directors
sales managers
bank managers
store directors
establishment directors
chief operating directors
factories directors
casting directors
profit center directors
account managers
collection directors
creative directors
divisions directors
subsidiary company directors
galleries directors
international directors
communication directors
training directors
directors of photgraphy
store directors
production directors
site directors
construction directors
purchasings directors
operations managers
human-ressources directors
risks directors
sales directors
development directors
staff directors
financial directors
assistant managing directors
key account directors
industrial directors
legal directors
logistics directors
marketing directors
quality directors
regional managers
after-sales service directors
stratégies directors
supply chain directors
technical directors
office directors
services directors
scientific directors
hotel directors
restaurant directors
shop managers
organization directors
directors of studies
methods directors
research and development directors
deputy directors

In english

administrative and financial directors
administrative directors
project directors
art directors
chief executive officers
heads of assignment
managing directors
senior executives
senior managers