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thereafter called « Enligne »

of of the websites edited by « Enligne »

Article I: Definition of the offered services
enligne is a registered trademark which gathers a series of websites offering commercial services to companies, self-employed workers and individuals.
The covered activities must have an absolute legal character. They are chosen by « Enligne » only, owner of the websites.
The services can either result from the posting of an offer or from a customer’s visit on the website.
Some services are provided on a free basis on the initiative of « Enligne » only.
The sustainability of the services depends on the economic balance of the system which includes a large automation of the processes and the acceptance by all users of the resulting constraints.
The gathered information on experts, job seekers, and internship seekers is used for commercial purposes.
Article II: Commitments and liabilities of « Enligne »
In general terms, the running of the system relies on a principle of voluntary deposit of information and the publication of offers and demands of various nature for the purpose of bringing the users who posted them into touch.
« Enligne » reserves the possibility to publish, as a complement, some information which is likely to interest its customers. This possibility can not, in any case, be raised to the status of an obligation.   
« Enligne » takes the commitment to offer means and not results.
The information being provided under the responsibility of their authors, they are, inherently, not controlable. Consequently, their authenticity and the reliability of their content can not be certified. (This certification can be subject to a separate service).
« Enligne » reserves the right to refuse the release of a post or a service if the latter are contrary to its interests or show manifest characteristics of deviation to the law. In no case can damage be claimed by the user on these grounds.
« Enligne » declines all responsibility in case of loss and direct or indirect damage caused by the connection or the use of its websites or of the information they contain.
By using the « Enligne » services, the user accepts that his logo is displayed on the website. It can be removed upon request.
The websites and all services relating to them is the intellectual property of « Enligne ».
The reproduction, suppression, and alteration of the services and their content are strictly forbidden.
Article III: Commitments and rights of the users
  1. Respect of the rules
    The users provide to the system and update, under their full responsibility, all information concerning their identity, contact details, and expected or offered services. All users agree not to post any information concerning a third party without his consent. Legal proceedings will be initiated against any individual disregarding these obligations.
    They commit to the sincerity and the legality of the information which concerns them and agree not to use any information and data obtained illegally through the websites. The users agree to:
    • respect the rules of data entry required by « Enligne »;
    • not circumvent the proceedings designated to protect the offers and/or demands’ anonymity during the prospection phase;
    • respect the periods of contact exchange between the users posting offers or demands
    • update without delay the information relating to them, especially when the expressed need is met.
  2. Data entry and update
    The data has to be entered in the fields dedicated for this purpose.
    The updates, amendments or modifications are subject to the same obligations, without delay and as many times as necessary.
    Pursuant to Article 34 of the law n°78-17 (CNIL) on "IT and civil liberties" of January 6th, 1978, the user disposes of a right of access, amendment and suppression of the data related to him (CNIL record n° 825811).
    In addition, « Enligne » commits not to sell, under any condition, files containing the contact details of employers and applicants having used its services. If the user wishes to delete or change the text of a post or a CV, he may do so using the link contained in the automatic e-mails he receives.
    « Enligne » reserves the possibility to :
    • remove any post or demand not compliant with these commitments
    • recommend to users not to invoke the services of individuals showing their inability to follow instructions.
    Each applicant having the right to apply for different offers, the employer can not claim the right to exclusivity of the responses.
  3. Removal of the posts
    All users shall remove their posts as soon as they become not applicable, especially when the need is met. « Enligne » assumes no responsibility for mailings and contact researches still in activity concerning posts that have not been updated or removed.
  4. Respect of individuals
    The users commit to not use information concerning individuals for purposes contrary to the law, to public policy or morality, or likely to harm the persons concerned or to damage a third party.
    The users commit to treat job seekers and service providers with all the consideration and discretion they are entitled to and to respect the provisions of the law on "IT and civil liberties" for all information obtained through the « Enligne » services. 
    The users agree not to contact job seekers, service providers, and suppliers for different purposes than those aimed by the system, especially in the purpose of selling products or services or solely testing the system.  
    « Enligne » reserves the possibility, without recourse to the user, to take all measures it judges necessary to put an end to behaviours raising doubts in this respect.
    The users commit on their intention to carry out recruitments or to invoke real and legal services. Recruitments have to take the form of open-ended contracts or fixed term contracts, excepting any other purpose, according to the laws stipulated by the French Employment Code. The violators of this law are exposed to legal proceedings.
    The user is responsible for all consequences of a litigation coming from a third party and relating to his post.
  5. Special provisions on anonymity and the lift of anonymity
    Posts relating to job or service offers, to job or service demands, and the CVs are published on the websites without the identity and contact details of the persons who posted them.
    This anonymity allows to ensure not only the confidentiality of the personal measures taken by individuals but also the confidentiality of the measures taken by companies who wish to remain anonymous. Anonymity also allows each user to freely prospect and consider the offers made to him. Anonymity allows « Enligne » to keep control, until the payment, on the partners’ exchange of contacts which constitutes its only source of income.
    The users of the services acknowledge that « Enligne » shall not, at any time, take the responsibility for litigations opposing an applicant who is registered in the database and his employer on the grounds that the contact details of the above mentioned applicant, or of the company in which he works, are visible.
    Indeed, CVs being likely to be saved by search engines, it is recommended in the registration form not to indicate the name of the company in which one practises or any other indication allowing an identification.
    These compulsory indications being supplied in the “info balloons” which are accessible through the “?” in the registration forms, any transgression shall be attributable to the applicant exclusively.
    Peculiar processes of message exchange are offered by the website, completely ensuring confidentiality. To access it, the user only needs to follow the steps indicated on the website and use the special links designated for this purpose.
    Anonymity is lifted at the end of this process. The lift of anonymity is in principle passed for the benefit of the person who paid to obtain it. 
    Unless a peculiar restriction is provided by the user, once contacts have been exchanged, « Enligne » reserves the possibility to use some of the provided information.
  6. Used language
    If the user wishes to use other languages than French, he can translate, in addition, the text into French. However, he shall take care to eliminate all risks of ambiguity or confusion. « Enligne » assumes no responsibility for data and texts which are not written in French, translated by automatic systems, and/or containing characters which are not recognized by its  computer system.
Article IV : Volatility of information
The economic situation and the labour market, which are the frame of the expressed needs, are very scalable. Information concerning the persons’ situation is very volatile and requires permanent updates.
It is in all users’ interest not only to keep the data relating to them up to date but also to make their decisions rapidly in order to avoid grounding them on obsolete information.
The choice of the most rapid processes and settlements has been made in the purpose of increasing the possibility of success of the prospecting measures. 
« Enligne » assumes no responsibility for the result of actions occurring after procrastination or arrangements and resulting in the obligation to resume the process.
Article V : Automatic procedures
The system uses the internet network in order to increase the audience and the relevance of the search (referencing, localisation on the general search engines). It also uses automatic processes designated to:
  • facilitate everyone’s tasks
  • reduce the time of reply
  • reduce the costs of the services
These automations relate to:
  • The supply of search engines for the users, designated to access the data specific to each website;
  • The posting of offers and applications;
  • The production and download of order forms;
  • The exchange of messages allowing the launching and the follow-up of the prospecting and decision phases;
  • The payment prior to the contact exchanges between the partners;
  • The supply of keys giving access to the identification and localisation data of the persons to contact;
  • The drafting, download and transfer of registration contracts;
Depending on their level of specificity or generality, the procedures are described either in the special sales conditions or in the forms.
Article VI : Means of payment
The customer commits to pay the amount of the provided services (posts, access keys, other services…) according to the price list indicated in each website (price including tax) before the provision of the service.
The service will be deemed completed either once the customer has received his access keys, or once he received the ordered information, or once his posts have been published online.
Various means of payment are accepted and are subject to distinct procedures according to the services provided and the choice of the person concerned:
A check payment shall be sent by mail along with a copy of the contract signed by the customer.
A credit card payment can be launched:
  • On the Internet thanks to the secure online payment system of the bank
  • By fax, at the following number: (+33) (0)9 70 61 04 88 (if your fax doesn't work, scan the signed contract and send it by Email on 2008@enligne-fr.com ).
  • By phone, at the following number: (+33)(0)7 88 00 24 68
Payment by credit card allows to obtain more quickly the access key to the CV. In that case, the customer also has to send a signed copy of the contract by fax at the following number: (+33) (0)9 70 61 04 88 (if your fax doesn't work, scan the signed contract and send it by Email on 2008@enligne-fr.com ).
Article VII : Right of withdrawal
No request of reimbursement invoking the right of withdrawal shall be accepted once the service has been provided. The specificity of « Enligne »'s activity implies that the service is delivered once the ordered information or the keys giving free access to the data base have been sent. Consequently, the customer accepts to waive his right of withdrawal, even if his request occurs before the end of the seven clear days period.
Article VIII : Copyright
All websites published by « Enligne » are subject to the French and international legislation on author’s rights and intellectual property. All copyrights are reserved, including for downloadable documents, and for images and pictures.
The copy of the whole or part of this website on any electronic device is strictly forbidden, unless expressly authorized by the editor. In the event of use of a system of automatic grabbing and copying of websites or of the content of the database (CVs, internship demands…), the user’s IP address will be blocked automatically.    
If this concerns a customer, his access to the CV library will be suspended immediately. In this event, he can not request the reimbursement of his Pack.